Guest Post: The Snowflake Perspective

The Snowflake Perspective
By Michele Zink Harris

I remember winter days growing up in Lincoln Nebraska when I would grab the black construction paper and dart outside at the first sign of a snowflake. Poised and still, I would catch these tiny crystal masterpieces from the sky.

They say no two snowflakes are exactly alike. As I stared more closely at the unique and complex structures against the black paper background, the question, “Why?” came to the mind of even a young child. Why would precipitation falling from a dreary gray sky be so exquisitely beautiful? As a child, I saw no point to this other than my own entertainment. As an adult, I see no point to it other than my Creator wants me to stop and wonder.

Only moments after relishing in the snowflake’s individuality and diversity do I witness it melt into an indistinguishable tiny puddle. The snowflake’s identity is simply two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom bound together in molecules and spun into an intricate frozen fabric.

“This is all I am,” says the snowflake. “All of my fascinating individuality and extraordinary design is made of the same stuff as every other snowflake.”

Our beauty, like the snowflake, lies in our delicate diversity. We must remember our diversity is unimaginably delicate. The human genome is 99.99% the same. At the level of our genetics, the differences we see in the human race lie in the expression of 0.01% of our genes. We are 99.99% exactly the same.

I believe God’s dream is a planet which reaches out for the humility and eternal perspective of the snowflake. As we peer over the horizon of a new decade, I believe if we are not feeding this hope we are starving our children’s future. Out of the dreary and dark skies of violence, oppression, and fear, we can experience a world of hearts that actively celebrate the beauty of their diversity and consciously embrace their overwhelming unity. Here’s to a snowflake perspective.

Michele is a practicing physical therapist, adjunct professor, and mother of three boys living in Austin, Texas. Her first children’s book, “God’s Spirit in the Heart of Every Child,” is available on Amazon, and her second, “The Plain Little Yellow Pencil – Leading by Placing Yourself Below,” is scheduled for release spring 2011. Michele’s blog and children’s book can be found at

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