Guest Post: “Motherhood is like a Pacemaker”

Just like “Autodidact,” the poem that Write for Charity picked for their wonderful book, From the Heart, I wrote “Motherhood is a like a Pacemaker” when one particular day seemed just a bit too overwhelming ; when I wondered if the work I was doing as a mother really counted for much.

Like this poem, motherhood sort of transcends the normal, yet is required to keep the normal. There are difficulties that motherhood presents to us at times — and yes, there are happiness and joys, rewards and fulfillment involved too — but the role of a mother is never easy. It always receives, yet it also requires. It always is, but has to be ready for was or will be … or just plain won’t.

Motherhood is vital. And just as a pacemaker keeps one alive when the heart can’t function on its own, there is something about motherhood that children need to make their lives function.

Motherhood is like a pacemaker that keeps the lifeline of nurture’s blood open and rich not only for the child but also for the mother. And just as a pacemaker re-shocks the heart into pumping at times, a child’s need for love from mom just as kindly, shocks their busy and sometimes hectic lives into ones that are suddenly necessary, essential and full of meaning -but only if we as mothers, and parents, understand this.

Parenting is tough – as it should be. But with love, the active “life” to our children’s lives, it can overcome anything.

Motherhood is like a Pacemaker

Motherhood is like a pacemaker that
keeps you living and touching the
fundamentals of pain or joy.

That is the pulse of anxiety or monotony or
exhaustion and reward-
reminding you of your humanity;

the physicality of raising your flesh,
–gifted or homemade–
deep to a part of you that hurts, and heals

 just like the synthetic thumper. It
gives life, just as motherhood does,
making hearts beat and love flow through;

a power to protect our responsibility,
even when the days end long and full,
running circles around your sanity,

and question your stewardship.
There is happiness, there is life
when we remember this is ours to give.

Heather Spiva is a freelance writer from Sacramento, CA. She loves reading, writing, and spending time with her two young sons and husband. You can read more of her work at:

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One Response to Guest Post: “Motherhood is like a Pacemaker”

  1. Ooh – nice. I love that it ‘keeps you living’ and ‘is the pulse’ – so true. How else would I know I’m alive and vibrant than to have my emotions, beliefs and very sanity tested and purified by challenge?

    Great poem! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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