Featured Author of the Day: Liz Zuercher

Today’s Featured Author of the Day is Liz Zuercher.  

Liz lives in Southern California, where she and her artist husband raised two sons.  Now that the nest is empty and she has retired from real estate sales, Liz has time to pursue her love of writing to her heart’s content.  When she isn’t writing, she’s reading, getting together with friends and family, acting as CEO of the household or keeping the books for her husband’s fine art reproduction business.

Liz was born in Rochester, New York, but her father’s career took the family to Mobile, Alabama, Syracuse, New York and Philadelphia before they landed for good in the Chicago area.  After earning her English degree from De Pauw University in Indiana, she worked at The New Yorker magazine’s Chicago advertising office, until one too many snowstorms convinced her to pack up her bags and head to California.  There she met and married a guy from Illinois, and they happily embraced the Southern California lifestyle.  Both, however, remain true to the Cubs and Bears.  Some things can’t be undone.

Liz co-founded and contributes regularly to Little Bit Everything in Tasty Sauce, a collaborative blog featuring short works of fiction, nonfiction and poetry.  Visit http://tastysauce.blogspot.com to enjoy more of Liz’s stories.  Her work has been published in Chicken Soup for the Ocean Lover’s Soul, and has been featured under Curator’s Picks on the DimeStories Orange County page at http://dimestories.org.  Send her a note at lizbethze@aol.com.

Q: How did you get into writing?

True confession: I’m not one of those writers who scribbled journals or made up stories as a child.  Back then I thought I’d be a singer or a dancer or a fashion designer or an architect.  But I always had my nose in a book.  I loved stories.   In school I discovered that writing came pretty easy to me, and when I finally had to declare a major in college, I chose English Composition just because I liked it.  Fast forward through a host of secretarial jobs, owning my own company, raising two sons, selling new homes and you come to the moment when it was time to do something for myself.  That’s when I realized I wanted to tell stories, not just read them – true stories, made-up stories, whatever kind would shine a little ray of light on a bit of everyday life.  That’s when the fun started, when the writing began in earnest.

Q: Why did you decide to get involved with this project?

When a friend sent me the call for submissions, I didn’t hesitate a minute to send in my work.  What a wonderful opportunity to help families with sick children, contribute to vital research and share my stories at the same time.  I’m honored to be participating in this project.

Q: What are you working on next?

My major current project is a novel based on the frenzied rise and precipitous decline of the real estate market and the fallout for families who bought at the height of the market.  I also continue to contribute short pieces to Little Bit Everything in Tasty Sauce, the blog I co-author, and there’s always something popping into my head that begs to be written down.  I can’t ignore that inner voice at four in the morning.  When she wants me to write something, I oblige.

We appreciate Liz and her wonderful contributions to the anthology.

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