Featured Author of the Day: Michele Harris

Michele has been a physical therapist for over twenty years. Her healthcare career is focused on children and adults living with traumatic injury or progressive neuromuscular disease. She spends most of her clinical day working with individuals living with ALS and their families. Michele cherishes the opportunity to witness the capacity, faith, courage, and triumph of the human spirit. These remarkable people knit the fabric of who she is. 

Michele develops educational programs and enjoys speaking for local and national professional and patient organizations. She serves as an adjunct faculty member for the physical therapy program at Texas StateUniversity where she teaches spinal cord injury management and rehabilitation. Michele joined a group of the students on a medical mission team to China in May, 2010 under the guidance of International China Concern. Michele enjoys being involved with legislation and advocacy for individuals with disabilities, and she is committed to patients receiving access to the technology required for their independence and autonomy. 

Michele and her husband David are blessed with three precocious sons, AJ – 10, Kyle – 7, and Joshua – 5. She became inspired to write as she pondered how to successfully speak spiritual truth into these young hearts and scientific minds. Michele published her first children’s book, “God’s Spirit in the Heart of Every Child,” in the spring of 2010. Her book, blog, and website can be found at www.nextgenerationhearts.org

Q: How did you get into writing?

A: Near the end of 2006, I found myself without a professional title for the first time since I graduated college. While continuing to see patients and teach part time, this life transition provided me a little extra time for introspection. I began writing as a personal therapy tool. Without any real planning, spiritual children’s stories began to fall out one by one. I have self-published one book, and I have signed a contract for a second story. I began a website/blog in the spring of 2009. Writing is still therapy, but I can now say it is a permanent part of my life.

Q: Why did you decide to get involved with this project?

A: Much of my therapeutic writing tends to be about being a mother and a seeker. I felt I had something to share, and the charity’s cause was of course near and dear to my heart as a physical therapist.

Q: What are you working on next?

A: I have signed a contract with Tate Publishing for a story titled, “The Plain Little Yellow Pencil.” I am enjoying putting the final touches on five or six more children’s stories, searching for an agent, and working on selling the book I have self-published. It is certainly true… A book does not sell itself.

Q: Any additional comments that you feel may be important to include?

A: I feel writing has been not only therapeutic but developmental. Writing uncovers areas of myself I never knew existed. I like to refer to it as, “praying with my pen,” and I plan to pray without ceasing. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of such a meaningful project.

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