Featured Author of the Day: AJD + Three!

Anne was born in Salem, Oregon in December 1980.  She is the second of four children and grew up in a household that held a great appreciation for the arts and education.  Although born in Oregon, Anne spent most of her childhood in Salt Lake City, Utah and her teenage and adult years in the Twin Cities.    Anne has always had a love for friendship and good stories, something that has led to her current enjoyment of writing.

As a child, Anne pined for fame and longed to be an opera singer at the Met.  She worked towards her goal by participating in State Contests and always received superior marks.   However, after becoming a single mom to one adorable daughter, Anne realized that most opera singers don’t make a dime and therefore decided to put her nose in the books and go to law school.   Anne excelled in law school in and found her performance background particularly useful in the courtroom.  She graduated in 2008 from William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota and went into real estate litigation.  Only a few short months after graduation, Anne married her soul-mate at a gorgeous Disneyland wedding.

One year into her legal practice, in June 2009, Anne felt the pinch of the hurting economy when she was laid off.  She shortly thereafter gave birth to her second child, a boy, and became a pseudo stay-at-home-mom.   Anne decided to start her blog as a substitute for the challenging work experiences and adult interaction she was missing outside of the workforce.  In December 2009, she started a blog about her life, appropriately titled “A JD + Three.”   There, Anne chronicles her job hunt challenges, adventures in motherhood and daily obstacles.   Ultimately, although her future is uncertain, she has so much life to live and loves to live it.

How did you get into writing?

In junior high and high school I began writing simple poetry.  Most of it involved adolescent love and the drive for popularity and a sense of belonging.  I then began writing professionally, in a non-creative capacity, as law student and attorney.  Throughout my adult life my only written works were strictly school or work oriented.  In fact, before blogging I only wrote argument-filled stories with a sprinkling of law and a dash of cynicism. 

My blog was a way to not only express myself, but also a way to have adult thoughts and conversations.  Staying at home left that part of my life severely lacking and my blog has certainly helped me re-discover myself and my purpose.

Why did you decide to get involved with this project?

Originally, I was not going to make a submission to Write for Charity because I did not consider myself to be a “writer.”  When I hear the term writer, I think of great novelists and copious amounts of creativity.  While I can certainly craft a darn good legal brief and have been published academically, I did not think myself capable of writing something good enough for book publication.  That said, I finally realized that I had a number of people who continued to read my blog rantings and would not do so unless they were somewhat interested in the stories I share.   So I took my chances and submitted a piece that I hoped would in turn help make some money for worthwhile charities.  Now here I am!

What are you working on next?

Well, in my seemingly never ending job search I plan to continue writing for my blog.  As previously mentioned, it is a great outlet for me and I hope my readers enjoy sharing this journey with me.  Blogging has also opened my eyes to the possibility of writing for a living in a non-legal capacity.  I know now that I can write in more than just one style and am hopeful that the future holds a career full of writing for me. 

Any additional comments that you feel may be important to include.

I am so proud to be a part of such a great publication and great cause.

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