Featured Author of the Day: “Aging Mommy”

Jane who writes as “Aging Mommy” was born and raised in England in a part of the country known as The Midlands. She attended Warwick University where she was awarded a degree in Management Sciences. Initially working in the Oil Industry she gained her professional ACMA accountancy qualification and then moved into the Telecommunications Industry where she worked initially in various financial roles ultimately moving to a financially oriented series of roles within the sales organization of the indoor cabling business. Her 22 career years took her back and forth to Belgium, Ireland and the UK before moving here to the US in 2004. Her desire to see the world and a career within a global corporation took her to all corners of the globe on her travels for both work and pleasure.
Then in February 2007 came a life and career changing experience: Her daughter Mirabelle was born. Since then Jane has opted to stay at home and take on a very different role. After three years of being totally immmersed in motherhood Jane decided it was time to do something to challenge herself beyond the not insignificant demands of being a parent and find something to encourage her to pop her head over the parapet of mommyland. So in February 2010 she started a blog entitled Aging Mommy where she writes about life with her daughter and her musings on motherhood. 
Jane got involved with Write For Charity at the suggestion of a fellow Mom blogger who had read some of her posts reflecting on the joys of motherhood and thought her stories would be just the sort of thing the creators of this excellent project were looking for. Not really expecting anything to come from it Jane did as her friend suggested and submitted a few pieces. No one was more surprised than she to then be told the wonderful news that her stories had been accepted. Jane wants in the future to get very much more involved in volunteer work supporting several charities associated with children so being involved in the Write for Charity project is something she feels very honored and delighted to be a part of.
Starting her blog has reignited the fire that burned somewhat dimly for 30 years, overshadowed by a career and life spent traveling the world. The fire in question being the desire to write. Jane tells us “as a little girl I was forever writing stories and poems and always had my head stuck in a book, reading just about every book there was in our local village library. But then along came my career and instead of stories I was writing business plans and proposals and while sometimes this got a little creative the writing for fun was all but forgotten. Since starting my blog I find I cannot stop writing and want to now explore ways in which I can take the next step beyond my blog writing. Becoming a mother has taken my life in new directions in so many totally unexpected and oh so exciting ways.”
Right now Jane is enjoying these precious years with her daughter Mirabelle knowing that these magical days will all too soon be over. You can read more about their life together at Jane’s blog http://www.agingmommyblog.blogspot.com.
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