Featured Author of the Day: Rebecca Knight

Today, we have another installment of the Featured Author Series.  We introduce to you Rebecca Knight. 

Rebecca is a creative, Christian mum from Guildford. Rebecca enjoys being creative in any way possible. She also enjoys traveling, socializing, art, writing and trying to be all that she was created to be! She is currently studying to be a Christian counselor.

Rebecca is the mother of two daughters, Jessie- Jane and Ellie- Faith. She is also expecting a third child in January. She is married to her husband James. Together they are enjoying finding the purpose and joys of everyday life. 

Rebecca has a blog named Reflection space at: www.rebekahknight.blogspot.com.  

This Christian devotional blog offers advice, family stories, reviews, poems and a journal of thoughts on every day life as a Christian Wife and Mother.

Q: Rebecca, how did you start writing? 

A: I have always enjoyed creative writing. My earliest memories of this started back in Primary school. I remember my teacher praising me for my vivid imagination! I have since written many stories, including stories about my children, and their adventures. I have always liked the idea of documenting things my children have done, in an imaginative way.

I have also found that my blog has been a great outlet for writing about subjects I am passionate about.

Q: Why did you decide to get involved with this project?

A: I decided to get involved in this project because it was for such a good cause.

I already had suitable material to enter, a poem about my daughters and a day in the life of our family. It seemed fitting with the content of this book for charity.

I sent the poem across to Writing for charity and shortly after I received my acceptance. I was thrilled to be considered!

Q: What are you working on next?

A: I am currently writing a spiritual novel, based on the existence of Angels and their interaction with mankind. It is based on a young woman who starts to experience visitations from an Angel in her every day life. The story unfolds as this Angel reveals to her his purpose to protect and direct her in life. She finds herself on a wild adventure, traveling the world, gaining insight into the life of the Angels. She watches them as they intervene in tragic situations, rescuing individuals from great danger. As her knowledge increases, she becomes stronger and more confident to live out her God given destiny.

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