Featured Author of the Day: Julee Morrison

Julee Morrison. currently lives in Taylorsville, UT, where she is a stay at home mom to six amazing kiddos…three girls and three boys. 

Writing has always been a passion for Julee.  She has been featured in the West Valley City Journal, The Kearns Journal and Family Fun Magazine (September 2008).  She is currently working on a book titled, “Centrifugal Motion”. It’s the first in a series about a teenage boy who, before he turns seventeen, is a legend in motorcross. One race changes his life forever.

Outside of writing, Julee enjoys traveling (She’s been to 39 States so far), reading the Sookie Stackhouse and Stephanie Plum Series, baking and cooking with my children, and the great outdoors–hiking, fishing, camping and just lounging.

The eldest of four children, Julee has lived in Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina, but will always call Utah home.

In her spare time, Julee is the writer and creator behind the blog, Mommy’s Memorandum, http://jonbonjovious.blogspot.com, which centers around giveaways, product reviews, and features and the chaotic comedy I’ve come to call my life.

When asked why she got involved in this project, Julee says “As the mother to many, I see the difference ONE child can make in a life and how much curiosity and love they possess. To be able to do something I love to enrich the life of a child is truly an inspiration.” 

We are grateful to have her as part of our project! 

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