Featured Author of the Day: Melissa Haak

After many computer issues, internet outages and a thunderstorm that took out power to over 250,000 customers in our area, we’re back with our Featured Author Series.  Today, we have Melissa Haak. 

Melissa Haak, author of the blog “Peanut Butter in my Hair”, is a city mama at heart who loved the occasional escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy the great outdoors. Then she moved a lot closer to those great outdoors and since then, they have lost a little bit of the appeal. No, she hasn’t moved to a homestead or a cabin in the wilderness, just suburbia, far suburbia. She spends her days trying to navigate the subdivisions and strip malls without getting lost and trying to handle the culture shock of suburbia. 

She has a hard time saying no and usually bites off just a little too much to be sane.

She doesn’t enjoy being domestic at all. June Cleaver she is not.  She will do anything to avoid housework, unless it’s polishing her crown (She’s the reining Queen of Undomestic Bliss). She is, however, on a quest to be the much cooler, and hipper Martha. She loves to craft and sew and with a new old house to tend to, there are projects around every corner!

Melissa left a career in health-care to tend to scraped knees and snotty noses and finds it just as gross, but much more rewarding. She tends to be a little crunchy, or as crunchy as her husband will allow! She and her husband have been together since a lucky New Years Eve in 1998. They were married in 2001 and work everyday on making theirs the best marriage ever. 

Melissa and her husband have two children (Monkey born 5/05 and Peanut born 4/07) at home, one in heaven (JSH born 2/2010). The kids keep her on her toes and make life more full, more interesting, a lot more sticky! They have been the light that navigated her through the dark waters of PPD and grief and the reason she hardly gets any sleep. She, like so many of us, can’t imagine her life without their presence!

Melissa began writing her first blog after my son was born in 2005 as an outlet to heep her brain occupied during those newborn stages. That led to her writing for a parent group newsletter for almost 5 years. She discovered that she actually enjoyed writing. She started her current blog (Peanut Butter in my Hair) when she moved to the suburbs as a way to keep in touch with friends back home. It has become her creative outlet and was a lifeline when she lost her son. “Writing allows me to get thoughts out of my head and process everything that goes on in my life.” 

When asked why she decided to participate in the WFC Anthology, Melissa says, “I am a lifelong volunteer. I have been giving back to my community since a friend and I walked into a fire station in 3rd grade and asked if we could help.”  For most of her life, Melissa has volunteered at and with children’s hospitals. “When I read about the project, I knew I wanted to be involved. With two little ones, I don’t get to get out and do the hands on volunteering I used to do.  This was a great way for me to give back.” 

Right now, Melissa is working on surviving summer vacation! This summer, she participated in a creativity boot camp and says that it has really opened up a passion for writing fiction that she didn’t know was there. She has been thinking about submitting some short stories and possibly working on a book.  We will certainly look forward to seeing her in print again.  Mostly she is enjoying every last minute with my kids before they are both in school in the fall.

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