Featured Author of the Day: Liz Jostes

Another fantastic author is up for today’s installment of our Featured Author Series.  We welcome Liz Jostes to the site! 

A Chicago native, Liz lived, worked and played there until 2003, when she, her husband, and their Chicago dog, Jack, moved South to the land of Dixie.  Moving to a place hundreds of miles away from everything they knew was an immeasurably valuable adventure, filled with challenges, triumphs and countless life experiences.

With the birth of their Memphis Belle in late 2005, Liz left her marketing gig to stay at home full-time. 

A move to New England in 2007 added to their adventures as well as their family.  Their Boston Baked Bean arrived mid-2008, and along with her came a third relocation, taking them back to the land of Dixie.

When Liz isn’t too busy moving around the country, she enjoys organic gardening, running and traveling.  She is the voice behind a belle, a bean & a chicago dog, where she blogs about marriage, parenthood, pet ownership and life in general.

We asked Liz how she came to be a writer.  “While writing is something I’ve always been comfortable with, it was never the primary focus of my life nor career.  I have a marketing degree, and worked in the consumer products and services industry until becoming a mom.  It was after searching for a way to ‘use my brain’ like I did when I worked full-time, that I started to blog.”  And we are certainly glad she did! 

When we invited Liz to participate in the From the Heart anthology, she jumped at the chance.  “We’ve lived in Memphis twice, and the first time, we lived just blocks from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  We had several neighbors who were nurses there, and even one neighbor who was a patient.  Living so close to such a renowned facility makes you acutely aware of how much good St. Jude does for families.”  When Liz heard that the proceeds from the book were going to children’s charities (including St. Jude’s) she was thrilled.

When she is not working on her blog, Liz is co-Editor of Our Mommyhood, community owner of a belle, a bean & a chicago dog BlogFrog community, moderator of Mom Loop BlogFrog community, co-creator of the Word Up, YO! vocabulary meme, and contributor at Blog Brew Review.  We hope you will take a minute to visit Liz and read her work and purchase a copy of From the Heart where you can read her wonderful submissions.

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