Featured Author of the Day: Nancy Mohrman Campbell

We have another great author up for the featured spot today! 

Nancy Mohrman Campbell is many things to many people. To some, she’s the girl that dances badly to Lady Gaga after a second glass of Pinot. To others, she’s the intense chick channeling Jillian Michaels while running on the treadmill. To many, she’s “Mrs. Campbell,” a high-energy middle school English teacher known for quoting Shakespeare and tossing basketballs around her classroom. Recently, she’s also been known as the author of the up-and-coming blog, Away We Go.

Yet, “Mommy” is her favorite title. Her two sons, Owen and Joel, have taught her about patience and humility, while demonstrating that fart jokes never get old and wrestling solves all problems.

Nancy has been a writer throughout her life. Her first publication not written in crayon was a straightforward essay about Rachel Carson for Northern Arizona University. While teaching, she won the Arizona English Teachers’ Association “Teacher As Writer” award for her personal essay, “Elephant Seal Epiphany.” After leaving the classroom to stay at home with her two boys, Nancy began writing on her blog to document her experiences as a stay-at-home mother. She decided to dip her toe into freelance writing, focusing on parenting and motherhood. Additionally, she does editing and consulting work on the side.

She is pleased to be a part of Write for Charity, which she discovered through a fellow blogger. She is presently working on a series of children’s books, exploring various ideas for a novel, and submitting articles to magazines and newspapers. You may contact her at camp1974@gmail.com or visit her blog, Away We Go at www.npoj.blogspot.com.

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