Featured Author of the Day: Viktoria Valenzuela

Welcome again to our Features Author Series!  Today we are spotlighting Viktoria Valenzuela! 

Viktoria is a creative nonfiction writer, the host of The Fresh Ink Poets and Writers, and staff writer for Being Latino Inc.  Her work focuses on the American experience of being Chicana (an American of Mexican ancestry) and motherhood.  Valenzuela and her siblings are of the first generation in her family (on both sides) to graduate from college.  Viktoria earned her BA in Creative Writing from the State University of New York at Oswego.  She will begin as an Emerson College MFA candidate in the Fall 2010.  

She started writing as a child, before the internet was invented.  Back when the summers were long and lazy.  There was nothing left to do at the end of the day but tell stories or write them down.

When asked why she decided to participate in our anthology she said that she did so “to help raise money for children in need.  There is nothing more debilitating or sorrowful than a parent unable to heal her child alone.  If this book helps even one family have enough money for one night in a hospital then my work here is complete.”

Viktoria has been working on many projects, but her foremost projects include a children’s book and literary art book.  She writes a weekly blog for Being Latino on Facebook.  

You can follow Valenzuela’s creative works at www.ViktoriaValenzuela.wordpress.com or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Fresh-Ink-Poets-and-Writers/.

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2 Responses to Featured Author of the Day: Viktoria Valenzuela

  1. Bonnie says:

    WOO HOO you go girl!

  2. Victoria Cepeda says:

    Viktoria is plainly put: Talented. One of my favorite narrative writer. Her writing has passion and color that jumps out of the page to grab her reader’s attention and imagination.

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