Featured Author of the Day: Corey Radman

In another installment of our Featured Author Series, we would like to take the time to introduce you to Corey Radman. 

Corey is an essayist and freelance writer/editor who lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. Her passion for story translates to creative nonfiction, magazine features and public relations writing. She has been published about topics as diverse as luxury mansions and rugby leagues, mud pies and maternal guilt. Corey also loves telling astronomy legends while teaching the public to recognize constellations.

Corey and her husband, Charlie, parent two munchkins, who delight in streaking through the while house screeching.  The family loves camping “off the grid” in the Cache la Poudre River Valley on Colorado’s northern front range.  (Sounds pretty fantastic if you ask me!) 

Corey began writing marketing copy for science programs and classes at Discovery Science Center, where she taught. She received enough encouragement about her creative descriptions to apply for and get an assistant editor job at a regional magazine. That publishing experience prepared her to freelance successfully while her youngest child is a toddler. 

Corey got involved with this project, like many others, because of our commitment to donate proceeds from the sale of this book to charities benefitting children. 

Corey is “currently writing a short story about a young mother whose isolation leads her to take risks.”  See more of Corey’s writing at www.fortcollinswriter.com or www.getbornmag.com where she is a contributing editor.

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