Featured Author of the Day: Bailey Vincent Clark

Round two of our Featured Author Series is in!  Get to know Bailey Vincent Clark, otherwise known as “Makeover Momma!”

Bailey Vincent Clark is the founder and writer of Makeover Momma™ (soon to be released), and proud to be the mother of two daughters, Kinley Grace (born April 2006) and Follin Marie (born July 2009). In addition to being a full-time, homeschooling mother, Clark is a certified personal trainer who founded a mother and baby fitness class “Buggy Busters” independently, as well as a “Fit With Baby” post-partum exercise class in her area.

Clark has worked as a nutritional consultant and trainer for mothers and families, and has taught both fitness and dance to adults and youth. Clark has worked as a nutrition and fitness guest speaker at youth and adolescent centers, was a featured weekly “fitness mother” voice on Gannett newspaper blogs, and has written parental-based Lifestyle pieces for both magazines and newspapers alike.

Clark has been working as a writer since the age of 14 when she was a long-running Op-Ed columnist for Gannett newspapers.  “I have been writing for as long as I can remember. My parents never had a TV in our house when I was growing up, so I spent all my time with a pen and a steno pad. Even years later when we finally got internet and TV, I would wake up early to write (or stay up late writing), instead of doing the standard teenage activities. In grade school I built detailed layouts and columns for a childhood magazine (where I may or may not have forced my friends to write for me), and eventually I graduated to my first long running Op-Ed column for a Gannet newspaper when I was 13/14 years old.”

She has gone on to teach dance, fitness, and nutrition as adjunct faculty at local colleges (including Post Partum Health and Family Health curriculum), as well as work weekly as a ballet instructor in her area. Clark has been a fitness writer for Squeeze Fitness (www.squeeze.com), an active health writer for http://www.Livestrong.com (sponsored by the Lance Armstrong Foundation) and as a health, beauty and fashion voice for http://www.ehow.com. She has also written a Baby Shower blog and Friendship blog for the American Greetings company, was a weekly contributor for cancer advocate website Cinco Vidas, and continues to speak as a motherhood and health voice for Bookieboo. In addition, she is a monthly featured columnist for nationwide magazine publications The Link and RAW.

Bailey is the featured New Mom and Makeover writer on Walmart.com, creating monthly makeover videos for busy mothers, and writing content on her “Notes from a New Mom” blog. Additionally, she continues to host events at national blogging conferences, grow the Makeover Momma shop through Open Sky, build the Makeover Madness campaign to let busy mothers get a night of pampering nationwide, and host Makeover Momma TV weekly.  “At the moment, the Makeover Momma website is continuing to grow by launching a Makeover Momma weekly TV program, and creating new Makeover Madness party opportunities for women nationwide (where they can host their own pampering events in their homes). I hope to also grow as an author, and eventually publish various titles for Makeover Mommas.”

Bailey and her older daughter both have celiac disease, and continue to raise awareness through self-created community groups and workshops in her area, writings online, as well as allergen specific recipes on Makeover Momma. In addition, Bailey and her youngest both deal with deafness, and work to advocate for Hard of Hearing parents and infants in their area. She lives in Virginia with her husband Adam, and looks forward to the addition of new babies in the future!

We are very excited to have Bailey as one of our talent contributors.  “I got involved with this project because being able to contribute to anything that can give right back to charity is an unbelievable opportunity, and should never be wasted. I love the entire concept behind this book, and believe in the passionate people behind it.” 

You can visit Bailey in the following places:

Follow On Twitter: @makeovermomma
Join Facebook Fan Page: Makeover Momma
Watch Makeover Momma TV: Tuesday, 7 PM/EST & 4 PM/PT
Visit My Makeover Momma Store: At Open Sky
Subscribe On You Tube: themakeovermomma

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